February 5, 2014

The Biz-nass of Creation.

Bill Nye loves the kids.

I am a non-believer raised catholic and take issue with teaching our children things that aren’t true. I even take issues with supporting beliefs like Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy… But I get it… there is tradition and it can be a fun way to introduce the spirit of ‘giving’ in a metaphoric way, and we can even say that finding out these entities are ‘make believe’ as we grow up, will give us skeptical tools that will help our relationships in the future. However, willingly taking advantage of a young mind that is designed to absorb information and whole heartedly believe in what they are being told, is in my opinion despicable and downright immoral. Making a child worried that a mere thought that passes through his head could condemn them to an eternity of the worst thing they can think of, is straight up abuse. Our children should remain curious and look for answers without any fear of unprovable stories designed to promote fear and control.

Ken Ham wants your kids money and devotion.

How do you debate someone who doesn’t value evidence? Ken Ham said that it will never be possible to measure the age of the earth, so his position would never change. This means, even though having evidence that the earth is older than 6000 years, it will never be possible in Ken Ham’s perspective based on the ancient scripture he refers to. He is ok with being ignorant and propagating this ignorance to any one who is willing to listen. The fact is, this choice of ignorance is his lifeblood, and he is making business decisions when he looks in the opposite direction of evidence. I guarantee you that every time we make a new discovery, he is evaluating how to manipulate this new discovery to protect his business interests. It goes beyond his belief of the heavens, and the insult he feels when given the proposition that when you die it’s ‘lights out’. Ken Ham is a snake oil salesman that wants our children to ignore evidence to make himself rich, he claims he wants our children to be critical thinkers… as long as it doesn’t fuck with his money.

Young Earth Creation seems to be a viable business model.

There will always be gaps in science and we can rely on the scientific method to place effort into looking at those gaps, and help us understand why there was a gap, with the purpose of predicting the natural world and cosmos around us. As long as you are willing to dupe people out of their hard earned money, you will adopt a position that supports it even in the face of contrary evidence. Only the scientific method will allow us to survive and prosper as a species on this beautiful planet and eventually beyond… unless we are hit by God’s wrath in the form of a giant meteor. BAM! 



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