August 23, 2014

Chick Tracts! What?!

The original ‘viral’ message.

Back when I was about 13 years young, and living with my father in Toronto. I used to do a lot of travelling on the city transit system (TTC), and I remember seeing for a short period of time, these hand sized comic books called Chick Tracts. I used to LOVE reading these…

I would get so excited seeing a new tract that I hadn’t read yet, just waiting for me in an empty seat! Sometimes, the previous reader of this newly found tract, would blatantly tuck the thin comic into one of the buses window seals, patiently waiting to spread the word of god… one idling passenger at a time. I was a believer at the time, and the stories were scary. They especially made me think about my relationship with God. I would try to remind myself that no matter what this Chick tract was telling me, there would never be a legitimate reason to send a child to the worst place imaginable ‘HELL!’ was there?…

It was a legitimate concern back then. Suddenly, and as quickly as the tracts had made their way through the Toronto Transit System, they disappeared. Never to be found again. I chalked it up to ‘new cleanliness policies’ on the transit system. Then slowly, over time, I completely forgot about these, until i came across The Bible Reloaded you tube channel and watched one of their Chick Tract readings.

Being inspired by this new memory, I did a little more research, and as it turns out, I can thank the Canadian government for banning this propaganda from crossing our borders. Thanks Canada!

Chick Publications is the brainchild of Jack T. Chick who also created full-sized comic books Crusader Comics, and my totes fav was titled Exorcist‘! 

 If these bring you back… Enjoy!

If you haven’t seen this… this is for real!

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