82-He’s sweating through Vaseline.

  • Sherley: So we had a lovely time last weekend with Guy & Peter (started with some Manana goodness…) / The weekend after Peter and My sister in Law Dali 🙂
  • Clove: Had a guy mean mug me after looking at his Chick / Trophy girl. He looked like Ben Gonzalez but thicker. I walked away feeling complimented.
  • Sherley: I’m getting gas Friday morning last week and this lady…
  • Clove: Vietnamese restaurant Beef dish.
  • Will Burke – Hey guys! Clove, I hate to be the Word Police, but in episode 198, you refered to yourself as an “old pervert” for enjoying the view on the bus. Brother, you were acting quite naturally. Now, if you looked that way at a goat or a toaster, THAT would be a perversion.
  • Peter Diamond – Subject: Site Watch, Miami Bats
  • Hey Guys,
    Just wanted to say thanks for the Site Watch you did on my website in ep. 199. From one art douchebag to another, thanks for the good words. And Clove I’m pretty sure that’s the first time I’ve heard negative space explained through the Matrix, but if you’re trying to make negative space sound sexy don’t bother. You guys are doing a great show, and I’m glad to hear some love for Owen, he’s the best. Last thing, and I don’t know if I want to get caught up in the Chill Tornado, and I have no opinions on Miami one way or another, but anyone who thinks there’s no bats in Miami needs to see this video:

  • Sherley: I think our daughter is part of the kidergarden cool – cute and pretty chick gang… what do we do (teaching humility)
  • Clove: I saw Sherley’s mini-me on the metro.
  • That song you played on 0201: THAT’S A HORRIBLE QUESTION 2-6 by Imagination, “Just an Illusion” is from the movie “FX”, right? I don’t think you said on the show. I saw the video for that song. If you want a laugh skip to the last 30 seconds, and watch the lead singer dance. Well, it cracks me up every time.

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