S04E24 – Picking Cotton At Home (Part 1)

In this episode of Uncolonized Podcast, Gavin and B Black look at (COVID-19) and how it’s effecting (POC) the most during this crucial moment in history.

Gavin Stephens

B. Black

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Speaker – 0:00
Hello, everyone. Welcome to the uncolonized podcast. In this week’s episode picking cotton from home, we discuss exactly that working from working for the man while being at home. And pretty much you know pretty much anything, Gavin and I would bring up in a barber shop if we were the type to dominate a conversation. So yeah, this is a two parts episode. part two of our conversation gets sillier is available as a bonus episode on our Patreon page. Let’s go.

— 0:48
Welcome to uncolonized podcasts. I’m Gavin Stevens. Each week I’m joined by my friend beat black to have a conversation about race, politics, pop , all from a Canadian perspective. It’s a cathartic No Holds Barred conversation between two friends in the barber shop but we can’t get here

Speaker – 1:21
we’re locked in this is what a we second week in third second week we’re going into the third week of being locked in our homes. Mm hmm. everyone listening to this we got what we should have way more listeners now because no one knows what you’ve been through all your podcasts trying to Yeah, not going outside. What else you’re gonna do? What else are you gonna do? You can’t go to the gym, you can’t go to work and go to you go let me go to our Patreon. Those five bucks Hello, and you get sponsored. That’s That’s a weird plug during during an apocalyptic ISIS

Speaker – 1:57
I’m gonna try for some pity but come on. Fuck you kidding me?

Speaker – 2:03
You got sick the fuck up?

Speaker – 2:05
Yeah. Well yeah it’s it’s fucking it’s it is it feels apocalyptic, right,

Speaker – 2:10
like from our perspective from Yeah, I know some folks in the third world

Speaker – 2:16
exactly like

Speaker – 2:19
this is Friday homie. I know this is just this is just how shit is actually

Speaker – 2:25
last week I was at the barber shop. Yeah and I was showing the conversation all these folks were laughing at all the shit that we’re still on the shelf during the apocalypse, it’s like no toes I can find toilet paper but I could find vitamins. Even me I was like, Oh shit. Yeah, I should say like, I’m a privileged kid. I’m an admin. You know, I’m black but I’m a privileged

Speaker – 2:51
you live it. You live in North America. I

Speaker – 2:54
live in North America right? And some of these folks like came here from or born you know outside of Canada. Yeah, so they got way better survival skills. Laughter out here vitamins were in the shelf. booster juice. What do you call that? meal supplements?

Speaker – 3:12
I’ll even see. Those I think would be like people would be grabbing those. Like when she gets tired meal supplements people are gonna be grabbing those.

Speaker – 3:20
Oh, was that? Yeah, I grabbed my Yeah, I got a case but I got enough. Oh, I got enough of it. But I also knew who to go after if I run out of it.

Speaker – 3:30
You also need the toilet paper because that gives you the shit. So there there’s a dilemma, right? That’s the thing like in a third world country. Diarrhea is like a major issue. It is it’ll kill you. Oh, like it is. It is a it is a major in North America. So you got diarrhea joke, and we laugh about it.

Speaker – 3:51
Yeah. I’m laughing because we just told people to listen to our podcasts while you’re at home. And God forbid they’re having dinner at the same time. Growth

Speaker – 4:02
although I’m sure this is not listening party I hope it’s I hope you’re not listening to us like you would listen to like a dark side of the moon or something

Speaker – 4:12
like LSD listening

Speaker – 4:13

Speaker – 4:16
I there’s some bittersweet moments in this Coronavirus. I read somewhere that a lot of Italian people were like refusing like undocumented Italian people were refusing to leave Africa. And I was like, Wow, that’s a that’s ironic is

Speaker – 4:29
wow, we’re Oh, yeah.

Speaker – 4:34
Because I’ve been waiting for that when white people from North America, especially North America, or in England have to go are begging or become refugees and have to go to another country and they’re looking to you’re looking for that mercy. I’ve been waiting for that.

Speaker – 4:50
Oh, sorry. Did you see the movie The day after?

Speaker – 4:53

Speaker – 4:54
Yeah. I love that. See where the weather’s got so bad and Americans are trying to get in Mexico.

Speaker – 5:01
Hey, let me ask you a question. Was the President black in that movie?

Speaker – 5:06
Was he black?

Speaker – 5:07
Uh, they asked. I can’t remember. Because most of these, like a lot of the what I noticed, especially during like the early 2000, those apocalyptic are all black presidents. Yeah, there’s like, like, life, not Independence Day, but there’s one where we’re Samuel. Not saying, What’s his name? The guy that plays god.

Speaker – 5:30
Oh, really be Come on, man.

Speaker – 5:33
You know, you’re talking about Morgan Morgan Freeman. He’s a president one of them. There’s Yeah, there’s a few of them where they’re like, just even even even that one by Mike judge the racist, classist one. What’s it called the idiocracy? Oh, yeah, black president.

Speaker – 5:53
have not seen it.

Speaker – 5:55
Oh, yeah, yeah, it’s basically like if stupid people kept procreating and smart people didn’t. The planet becomes run by stupid people.

Speaker – 6:04
Really like Yeah,

Speaker – 6:05
yeah, it falls apart and it’s all run by stupid people.

Speaker – 6:08
Oh, sure. I think I you know, I think that that title became very popular after Trump

Speaker – 6:14
got it. Oh, yeah, it was totally everyone’s like it’s idiocracy. It’s totally exempt. idiocracy is not about fascism. Like it’s not they’re not fascist. They’re just dumb.

Speaker – 6:23
Oh, okay. Like, yeah, like, like, dumb like,

Speaker – 6:27
yeah, just really stupid. Yeah, yeah, they get rid of water and they use like Gatorade. That’s like, yeah, like the major TV show is like some dude getting kicked in the balls. It’s like they’re all stupid. Everyone just become because stupid people procreate and smart people didn’t.

Speaker – 6:42
Right, right.

Speaker – 6:45
Did you see Trump is having the best like he is so funny. Have you watched him like he was uh, he was actually. He was watching. I just catch on YouTube. He was at he listened. He was some some conference. On the conference, but like some search during a meeting that was televised, and he’s, he’s listening to a doctor talk about the virus, the Corona, Corona virus, okay. And like the doctors like explaining all this stuff like who like how to deal with it and who’s gonna get it, how they’re gonna get affected what the symptoms are. And he’s falling asleep like he’s like, he’s like,

Speaker – 7:23
I just like bears your president.

Speaker – 7:27
This is what I was saying to people and people were like, Oh my god, I have these arguments with people are like, Oh, well, he’s a businessman. I’m like, is anyone charged with this? Like, oh, he’s like me? Is that who you want you in charge of like, fuckin when there’s like a virus going around? She’s

Speaker – 7:43
gonna be a lot of stress, man. Oh,

Speaker – 7:45
yeah, seriously, give me it give me a link. Look, I know I have no control. I have no control over what’s going on like being I mean, they give me the stupid shit. Like if I if I stopped using straws that the environment and the turtles are safe. It’s all horseshit. But at least politicians Give me that illusion. feel like they give me that sense of I have some control of my life. Trump gives you know, it’s like, oh, fuck, we’re on a roller coaster. It’s just there’s no track in front of us.

Speaker – 8:14

Speaker – 8:14
I don’t have like, I’m big. I don’t have any kids. Right. You know, I’m telling myself if the situation came up, I’d step up. But right now, if I had a plant that shit would die. Because I just have a sense of taking care of myself. Yeah, like, especially during this whole crisis, whatever, right? Absolutely. I’m a paycheck to paycheck kind of ocean. I

Speaker – 8:36
said that I love it. I am. I totally AM. Here’s my thing. Like I see those apocalyptic movies when they have kids and the most annoying part of the movie is the kid right? always running out. Some giant robots. Shut the fuck up.

Speaker – 8:54
Oh, my favorite is Hey, where’s Billy?

Speaker – 8:58
Are the kids having some money? emotional moment like journal like you’re trying to hide. Yeah,

Speaker – 9:03
yeah, exactly

Speaker – 9:05
what the fuck it will try to live here.

Speaker – 9:09
Yeah, that’d be

Speaker – 9:11
my daddy. Yeah, this is this is uh, this is how it hasn’t been stressing you out being at home because you’re at home now.

Speaker – 9:19
Okay, so this is a bit of a I don’t know you’re gonna agree with this right? A lot of us introvert are like, this is like heaven. This is like is if it was

Speaker – 9:28
wondering if I would agree with this.

Speaker – 9:30
No, no. Well, first we got to get out the way Okay, look, it’s unfortunate. All the fatalities who’ve been affected?

Speaker – 9:37
Yeah, you know, less shitty shit. But when you have an excuse not to go out of your house,

Speaker – 9:43
shut up or use the word but but oh my god, man. You know, I love wicked up in the board. He gets sick. Yeah, wait, I don’t care what I’m wearing today.

Speaker – 9:52
To see the sun.

Speaker – 9:55
I didn’t go outside today at all,

Speaker – 9:57
man. I gotta admit like oh, Have no you’re right at the beginning the ship was getting into my head you know, the possibility that I may have caught it like the the mindset is you’re supposed to think that pretend you have it. Please don’t spread it. That’s what we’re asking you to stay at home. Hmm right? Yeah, that makes sense. You know there’s getting it and then they’re spreading it what to try to control this motherfucker spreading it spreading it and and what was I saying? Yeah no so the thought was in my mind I remember being at work I like I’m so not thinking about work. You don’t think I’m doing this moving my mouse to you know to stop the screen from going black and everything. Yeah. And every once in a while you get an email. Everyone’s trying to convince everyone else that they’re working very hard. Yeah, I want to make sure everyone’s sending their pts reports and shit like that.

Speaker – 10:43
Business as usual.

Speaker – 10:46
But I felt like send a broadcast email the fuck you people? Yeah, some of us might die from this shit. I don’t

Speaker – 10:52
know. Well, that’s true. And some people are carrying it and like that won’t show symptoms. So Exactly.

Speaker – 10:59
Yeah. That’s what They’re like give it two weeks by two weeks you don’t see it that you should be good.

Speaker – 11:04
Yeah, yeah. Yeah, I think it’s smart that that people aren’t going out I think that’s like just let’s flatten like as as using the term that they use let’s flatten this. Yes. Yeah, make sure it does. I’m scared of coughing in front of people do everyone swallow my throat gets dry? I’m like, this feels like you know, those moments and movies were like, that summit like someone’s they find out that they got bitten, but nobody knows. Yeah.

Speaker – 11:31
And I’ll be around some people and it’s just like

Speaker – 11:36
they’re gonna take me out and shoot me in the head.

Speaker – 11:37
Oh, boy. I’m a pothead bed.

Speaker – 11:41
Oh, yeah, we smoked weed last night and I was coughing in the darkness. terrified. I’m like, Why are you scared for dude? it’s legal.

Speaker – 11:48
Yeah, my poor mom thinks I got the virus, you know? Because no fucking way up daughter. I smoke weed. I rather she thinks I have a virus

Speaker – 11:57

Speaker – 12:00
Yeah it read in your eyes ready?

Speaker – 12:05
Oh, yeah.

Speaker – 12:07
For Louie, we You and I, we were talking about how

Speaker – 12:11
we black people you read an article about how black people are being affected the most on this?

Speaker – 12:16
Yeah, yeah who vironment people of color being affected I see Yahoo via Yahoo Finance Jesus Christian

Speaker – 12:23
low low low income

Speaker – 12:26
black people so tend to be on before I before I tell you about the article the thought already hit me just when even without reading this article low how low wage earners are going to be affected the most by this absolutely I remember going to the movies and it just hit me how that person has to be there cuz he needs to make money and sure it’s a teenager and all that right but yeah but everyone had the mindset just talking about who you’re fucking if I get it I get it you know I get it. You know that that was like they can’t afford To be like, Oh shit, I’m paranoid. I’m gonna stay home. Nah, yeah, my boss needs me at work. My choices work or get fired. Pick one.

Speaker – 13:08
I know a lot of people like that.

Speaker – 13:09
Yeah, so I knew immediately low wage workers would be affected my heart went out to them.

Speaker – 13:14
Then who are you low wage you gotta get used to viruses.

Speaker – 13:18
No, just a fucking

Speaker – 13:20
what’s your life now? Let’s Yeah, you’re you’re you’re a petri dish.

Speaker – 13:25
We only pretend we as a society to care. Oh, so then this article pops up and it says Coronavirus to impact low wage black workers the moment and it hit me. So this article was written in the states in Canada because you know, black people are such a minority. You tend to forget that. Oh, yeah, we make up like you go to the States. You realize, yeah, we make up the majority of low wage workers. Yeah, you just see them right.

Speaker – 13:54
I think to be clear, like it’s not it’s not all black people are low wage workers. It’s just, we’re all represented in that demographic, that’s the word that was black and brown people are overly represented. But even here, because even I, they did a study last year or two or the year before, where they showed that people with the same education of black and brown people of color with the same education as white people in Toronto, tend to live in poor neighborhoods, meaning they were getting lower income jobs, even with the same education, even with the same education, meaning there’s systemic racism and fault, right that that was that was the conclusion of a study of University at the University of Toronto. Right, sorry.

Speaker – 14:36
Yeah, no, that’s funny. I remember

Speaker – 14:40
something to discuss with some coworkers A while back, right. And, when, when? Okay, when guy pops up, he goes, man, I’m walking through the mall, and I notice all these uh, what’s the word? He used people of color, working in the malls. And he goes, and I think see any white kids or white kids lazy? Like, I just, I wasn’t even thinking I wasn’t even in work mode. It just popped out of my mouth like while I’m on the podcast right now I said, Nah, man, why kids are more privileged? I pissed them off, man. Oh, you didn’t hear that. Oh man, yo, these dudes got a as the fences got more defensive than the black dudes on the

Speaker – 15:26
other one but they they’re the one that noticed the disparity that

Speaker – 15:31
they brought it up.

Speaker – 15:34
But I just don’t like the fact that

Speaker – 15:36
it’s amazing how I think he just wanted to say yeah, people of color work hard.

Speaker – 15:41
Yeah, we did. We’re just hard working. He thought it was a con he was doing one of those like what you know how white people think that’s a cobbler like moderates and centrists white people think that’s a compliment so

Speaker – 15:52
shit like that your hard workers eat speak. Well, he’s, he’s big, so well. Yeah. So

Speaker – 15:58
well. I’m someone I remember. Getting in a fight with someone over Candace Owens and one of the one of one of the points that he brought up that was great about Candice was that she speaks so well. Like, yeah, she’s perfect for you to wear.

Speaker – 16:10
Yeah, sure. about those day.

Speaker – 16:13
Yeah. Yes. Sorry. Yeah. You were saying?

Speaker – 16:15
Yeah, no. Okay. So

Speaker – 16:18
reading that article about how black low wage workers or how we’re overly represented in that category, just made me think of that conversations too, that we’re, it’s, it breaks my heart to know that I’m trying to find the stats there. But essentially, how many, like there are folks with jobs under Stallman they’re still living under the poverty line,

Speaker – 16:45
but what makes you laugh and, you know, they talk about, you know, the anxiety of of white, the white working class, which is like, it’s just a political talking point that has makes no sense that white working class, whatever, whatever. Poor white Are the blacks tend to be overly black and brown people tend to be overly represented and in the demographics that are doing three times worse than those poor white people. Mm hmm yeah. Um, I also what I what I love about this Coronavirus is just like it is showing how fucking capitalism cannot stand anything that like, because what we’re seeing here we’re talking about low low income earners are the backbone of society what we’re seeing is people like the like people like the Jeff Bezos and shit like that are completely shut down. Because the average worker the working class cannot get to work or not get to work yeah, meaning that we like like capitalism that means like the idea of the very idea of exploitation of workers, right so, so the few own the own the means of production. And and so no matter what you do, you’re always going to be exploited at your job. You’re always being exploited because you’re getting paid. Not for the value that you put in, you’re getting paid. They have to make the value because they own the means of production. And now we’re seeing that that happened in real time where it’s like, we don’t need the Jeff Bezos. We don’t need these people. We need the worker.

Speaker – 18:15
Bro. If you go missing, it’s gonna be because of that statement, right?

Speaker – 18:20
I mean, that’s why they’re seeking Bernie Sanders right now because that’s exactly

Speaker – 18:24
what you say. No, you’re right. You’re right.

Speaker – 18:26
Yeah, we don’t we don’t need we don’t need those people. They don’t do anything special. They just own most of the production.

Speaker – 18:33
I wasn’t Yeah, I didn’t look at it that way. I mean, you’re right. I was thinking of Haiti out here. Remember the movie? Remember new jack city? Yeah. When? Spoiler alert, you haven’t seen it. That’s your fault.

Speaker – 18:47
It’s been a while. I’m sure it’s gonna be remade

Speaker – 18:49
that scene where you know.

Speaker – 18:53
You don’t try to get to the meeting with his dog and he changed Kay. Who fucked up Why is the company no talking about how the Carter It was infiltrated by by a kooky Chris Brown’s character and then the cop blew it out, you know, stuff like that. And yeah, so Nino comes to the gathers all the new tenants or whatever you want to call the upper management, and he’s trying to figure out what happened. But my favorite scene is when he started doing this, and he says, a million dollar business a month, excuse me a million dollar business a month reduced the fucking rubbles all this had me thinking about how even Nino brown would have been affected, you know, would have had to shut down and I wonder I wonder if Nino brown would have shut down or would have said Fuck you

Speaker – 19:34
man guy. No drugs. Drugs drug addicts always need the drugs. Wow. For Really? Yeah. The funeral industry will be fine.

Speaker – 19:43
Funeral industry will be

Speaker – 19:46
the drug industry will be fine. paper industry is gonna be booming. Oh, Bo’s

Speaker – 19:49

Speaker – 19:50
Yeah, yo fucking industry is gonna be fine. It’s certain things like flights that’s gonna be shit. That’s gonna be show theaters that entertainment industry is going to be Very much. Yes. Yeah, it’s like it makes me think of as being a comedian making my livelihood off of comedy for the most part it made like I did an article with a friend of mine on his medium post, Jeff Haywood. And we were talking, he was asking me questions about how is this affecting me how he his article is basically basically about how they’re innovating art, like how this will help how this will innovate art, which it will but it also also makes us makes us look at how we commodify ourselves as artists or we commodify art and how like, we can’t make a living doing art because because we have to be, we have to be we have to, we have to exploit ourselves we have to be we have to have value and that value is determined by the majority as opposed to what the artist is putting out like I see that in comedy all the time. Like in Canada, a lot of our comedy is very middle of the road because we have to appeal to the most amount of people and that’s considered good art. Wow, okay, okay and so like that’s we’re seeing like I mean to me it’s just looking at that and going oh well this is the problem is that we’re we have to make our art and I guess that’s that’s how capitalism works you got to make your art sellable to make a living otherwise you know and what sellable sellable is what the market tells you once the market saying the market says you know who wants your shit right?

Speaker – 21:29

Speaker – 21:31
And that’s what it

Speaker – 21:32
is. I’m sure yeah man My heart goes out to all the

Speaker – 21:36
artists and entertainers who were affected by by this but whether you’re sorry you know what I felt like a hypocrite I was about to say some stupid shit like weather the storm. You know, I mean, as I sit here with my

Speaker – 21:48
as long as the government doesn’t fuck up my paycheck.

Speaker – 21:51
All this shit has to change like everyone’s trying to pick up socialism. Agreed. Yeah, everyone’s everyone’s looking at socialism like you wouldn’t believe in that. Moment. Inc. khumba has like Cuba has a has a not a cure, but like some sort of medicine that helps out the and they’ve had it for a while.

Speaker – 22:12
Oh, wow. Poor as Cuba pararescue. But yeah,

Speaker – 22:15
yeah, poor as third book Cuba has has an option for people to take like medicine to help. They’re helping China right now. Oh, amazing. Really? It’s this thing people are leaning on socialism so hard right now? Yes. Because they have to. Ah, yo.

Speaker – 22:34
It’s funny. I’m trying to formulate the slide here. I think before the before this became a pandemic. Yeah, my mind was and I’m not sure if it’s the media or just the weapon program, but I was thinking of, Oh, I feel sorry for all these business on all these business. There’ll be affected by this. And I wasn’t thinking of what about the motherfuckers who work you know, work wage and keep The business up and running

Speaker – 23:01
I really don’t feel sorry for businesses I like I get I understand the Small Business business owner and they’re gonna get fucked more than the big big businesses fine well said that think big business will be be okay banks will be fine. Yeah. Yeah like they’re like they’re like oh maybe the banks will give people relief on their on their you know for mortgages and interest is that like the banks get to make that decision amongst it like and if the bank say no then we’re just like, oh, they said no.

Speaker – 23:31
Like they have that kind of power.

Speaker – 23:32
I was thinking of the landlord’s apparently there’s one there was one dude. It’s a popular thought amongst Yeah, assholes

Speaker – 23:40
who are just pissed off at the fact that

Speaker – 23:44
he might not be able to collect rent. Well,

Speaker – 23:48
I don’t know what’s what how he thinks it’s gonna work. It should.

Speaker – 23:52
I was moving at this time

Speaker – 23:54
for me. What the fuck, man?

Speaker – 23:56
No one’s making money and no one’s moving. I don’t know how you think this is going to work. I

Speaker – 24:03
remember a story My dad was telling me about, essentially is, thank God we still have an ounce of humanity left. Yeah, you know, I’ve always given up on the world but the fact that we’re in Canada, they’re actually taken seriously or they’re making plans to. I don’t know if the word is bailout, but they’re looking for a way to

Speaker – 24:20
I mean, look at , man, huh? That piece of shits actually doing good shit. Like

Speaker – 24:29
that you like to play? Is that open for business?

Speaker – 24:32
I don’t know. He’s doing like he’s, he’s, he’s He’s, uh, he’s ahead of the curve on this. He’s like, wow, he’s actually being good on this shit.

Speaker – 24:39
Wow. You know what happened? Dude, he used to sell drugs to give them a call your homeboy. You got to help us out. Yeah, we can’t you have hard times, man. Yeah,

Speaker – 24:48
we can’t give you your taste.

Speaker – 24:51
If you don’t

Speaker – 24:53
you don’t remember we did an episode about how right wing bigotry is gonna kill us. kill us all, because based on an article about how, like how a lot of right wing people or a lot of will fuck themselves over like with them, excuse me with choices in the environment and stuff just because of racism. Right? Right. And they’re healing themselves based on that. Uh huh. This this is a perfect example because we saw like, a week before it really started ramping up the right was making this all about how you know, it’s it’s a left conspiracy and we shouldn’t take it seriously. And we’re still seeing Do you like Florida hasn’t closed down their beaches or beaches are packed because it’s March Break? Yeah. And people don’t like, and the attitude is like, Well, fuck that these lib tardes are not going to tell me how and you’re like, motherfucker, you’re gonna kill us all. Your shares spread. That’s what this is why it’s not going to be cure because we live in a time where everyone thinks they’re an expert, and everybody else is fake news.

Speaker – 25:51
Yeah. Try to manipulate us into into

Speaker – 25:56
it. Yeah, a lot. Yeah, a lot of people convinced this shit is a conspiracy.

Speaker – 26:00
Yeah there’s I’ve seen it where they’re like I’m an American I go where I want

Speaker – 26:03
and they’re

Speaker – 26:04
like they was a senator in the states who was going to I’m going out to eat at a crowded restaurant. I’m fine. It’s like he who you’re not taunting the left you’re taunting a virus.

Speaker – 26:17
That motherfucker Yeah,

Speaker – 26:18
yeah. I’m gonna get a virus though on the lips like, it’s like Dude, like, Can you put it down for a second?

Speaker – 26:25
I’m of the opinion Look, if you’re one of those people who are tired of living or just life is getting too hard. I can understand you have that sentiment. Go ahead catch the virus just

Speaker – 26:36
but it’s not even there that they’re tired of living. They think it’s overblown.

Speaker – 26:40
You know, I’m saying the folk in that population of the of a they think it’s okay, they’re idiots. Yeah, there’s the stupid people. But I’m saying within that percentage if there’s actually a person in there who just know the truth is I’m tired of living and looking forward to getting this virus. Yeah,

Speaker – 26:57
well, that was that made more sense to me.

Speaker – 26:59
That’s what I’m good. I’m saying Yeah,

Speaker – 27:00
that would make more sense to me then like, Oh, I have to do the opposite of what everybody else is doing. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, I gotta be on this team yeah that makes no sense to me and then there was that that Senator they who was who went on TV and told everyone that it wasn’t a big deal and don’t worry about it who a month before sold all sold his his stocks and had a big meeting were with a whole bunch of business owners big business owners about how bad this is gonna be how hard he sold the stocks and hotels. He sold his stocks in hotels before it hit. Wow, wow. Yeah.

Speaker – 27:
Wow. What the fuck? Yeah, that’s a bullshit.

Speaker – 27:41
That’s that’s you know how bullshit that is. Carlson is calling him out. a Republican. Tucker Carlson is calling him out. AOC and Tucker Carlson have agreed on something calling this republican senator out.

Speaker – 28:00
Where’s Rand Paul and all this I heard he caught he he he’s been diagnosed with what was it say for senator test positive for Coronavirus? Yeah. But what’s he was he on the list of people going on? It’s all bullshit. I have no idea. Well, no I did. Okay. Yeah, I think anyone who calls bullshit go for it man. You know try it

Speaker – 28:18
well I mean like that’s the thing is about this like senators. The one selling is I don’t know what Rand Paul did if he if a lot of them are calling it bullshit or catching but that’s my what’s even worse is you know, selling your stocks off and profiting off of this while telling people it’s not going to be bad that that should be a criminal offense.

Speaker – 28:40
Oh, you’d be like those people who were hoarding water bottles so they could sell it at a profit something like that there.

Speaker – 28:48
Well, no, I mean, that’s, that’s just

Speaker – 28:51
fucking morally

Speaker – 28:52
bankrupt and shitty. But I mean, like if you’re going on TV and telling it you are an elected official, and you’re just Telling people you’re a leader. Yeah and you’re telling people that it’s going to be fine and go out and enjoy and spend money while knowing full well it kills a whole bunch of people you know it’s so much that you’re selling your stocks because you don’t want to lose money I got it yeah

Speaker – 29:15
there’s a TV evangelists going around selling a

Speaker – 29:18
right to me that’s like like like someone who has HIV and willingly go sleeps with the beat with people without telling them that’s what that’s what the level is for me.

Speaker – 29:30
Okay, a more

Speaker – 29:33
being an escort and giving out STD cuz you’re making money over two.

Speaker – 29:39
Well, I mean, I guess there’s money in it. Yeah, I guess there’s still you’re still benefiting from like you want to but you want to harm people?

Speaker – 29:47

Speaker – 29:48
yeah, I see what you’re saying. I see what your analogy added the money in Yeah, I guess I guess if you’re an escort Yeah, you’re right. Okay, so an escort. But yeah, it to me. It’s on. It’s like that. Just like that scumbag. I think you should I think that person should be locked up in, in real jail not like you know Country Club jail like real jail real. Real prison. Pound. Yes, Gil. Pound. Yes. Why don’t want to advocate for raping. I don’t know.

Speaker – 30:18
I was quoting office space.

Speaker – 30:20
And I know I’m just joking.

Speaker – 30:24
Yeah, sorry. I don’t know if Rand Paul is I think he was I think Rand Paul voted against like measures for Coronavirus, like debt relief measures are one of those kind of like, interests like, like, you don’t have to pay your student loans right now in the states apparently. So I think he was against those things. And then he got in. It’s like coronas. Just like it’s like, oh, you want to talk some shit about me? Okay, all right. That’s what Coronavirus is doing is like, oh, what did you say? Oh, you don’t believe I can hurt you? All right. Yeah, I’ll see you tomorrow. Ah,

Speaker – 30:57
yeah. If I was a pastor, this This one I’d be making a lot of sermons about.

Speaker – 31:03
When you try to control the uncontrollable this rarely happens, you know, I mean, usually we’re like, Hey, man,

Speaker – 31:09
who you doing your church to?

Speaker – 31:15
I would tell my giant congregation

Speaker – 31:20
touching each other’s faces.

Speaker – 31:22
Upset Look, it’s sad. But a lot of people had to die for businesses for for our part of the world would be like, yo, we got to shut shut down.

Speaker – 31:31
We’re not used to it. We’re not used

Speaker – 31:33
because China. It’s like I said it started with China. Yeah, and the reason it became an epidemic is because no one wanted to admit there was a problem.

Speaker – 31:41
No, no, they were trying to keep it secret. They were trying to keep a secret. You know,

Speaker – 31:43
they were perfect people. I don’t know. What was the metallic

Speaker – 31:46
but have you seen the Chernobyl thing? Have you seen the Chernobyl TV show? Oh, hell yeah. Mostly. Yeah, same shit. It’s the same like the exact same shit. The people got more people died because they were trying to keep it a secret.

Speaker – 31:58
Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Speaker – 32:00
Just like it’s people trying to protect it like Trump trying to protect this assets. Like he’s saying he’s not responsible is that he says, Oh my god, as a grown man. I’m the president. And I’m not responsible for this.

Speaker – 32:14
From Yo, this is just a hoax to a man. I knew this was a virus. Yeah. Beginning.

Speaker – 32:18
Well, and then there was no reporter that asked him, it’s like, oh, do you have any like, basically Do you have any words of encouragement and then fucking do last is mine. Your fake news? You’re not good. Reporter Yeah. And understand the question.

Speaker – 32:31
Okay. Are you talking about there’s a and I same, I think in that same What do you call usually? Oh, my god press release.

Speaker – 32:42
It was a White House. It was a White House. Yeah. News thing? They did? Yeah.

Speaker – 32:47
Yeah. No, black woman reporter asked him. Hi. Um, no, no, this is different.

Speaker – 32:51
I know, the black woman one. The black one was like, But aren’t you responsible? And she’s, uh, he’s like, no, you’re nasty. Right? Yeah, you know, this is a couple of days later. It’s Dude, ask them like just like a basic like, what kind of words of encouragement do you have for the American people and he, he lost his fucking shit on him. He’s not sleeping. He’s been he has been up. It’s my wife’s like, it’s not funny, but I can’t every time I watch him dealing with this stuff, it’s too funny because I’m just watching. It’s like, He’s such a fuckup in this job. He’s like, you can see it on his face. Like why did I take this fucking job? Why am I here?

Speaker – 33:28
I feel like kill monger pointing at the Trump going Is this your cake?

Speaker – 33:34
It’s just like, you can see he’s not sleeping.

Speaker – 33:38
This is not the fun part of the job.

Speaker – 33:42
He can’t lie about this shit and he can’t manipulate it.

Speaker – 33:44
To get a blow job. Like, I gotta do some actual work. I gotta

Speaker – 33:49
work. I gotta sit down at this desk in work. And he has been on a diet of like fucking Big Macs and shit. Oh, ready. Yeah, do this kind of stress. Yeah, level of working man.

Speaker – 34:02
You know, sometimes I think he’s like Weekend at Bernie’s type thing. Like, like, yeah, they’re propping them up there. You know, how’s he still alive? You know? I mean, yeah.

Speaker – 34:10
And then and then the the other person that might be facing him in the election. Where has he been? Joe Biden. Where’s Joe Biden? Has anyone seen Joe Biden?

Speaker – 34:23
Joe Biden hasn’t been around since last week.

Speaker – 34:25
Oh, I mean, he’s, I mean, as the campaign book put on, hold, dude,

Speaker – 34:31
he’s the Official Opposition. Oh, yeah. I’ve we’ve heard from Well, I mean, he’s winning. Right? Okay. You’ve heard from Bernie, Bernie. Bernie. have not heard from Joe Biden about that he you’re in the middle of this thing. And if you’re running for president, you gotta have some opinions on this the Hell yeah, but we haven’t heard shit. Oh, man. This is this is gonna be old man. Knock him drag him robots in 2020 election is gonna be awesome when you see old men losing their fucking mind.

Speaker – 35:01
It’s gonna be awesome.

Speaker – 35:02
Oh shit. My heart just went up.

Speaker – 35:05
Sorry I went way off but yeah,

Speaker – 35:07
it’s Yeah, I’ll do that right now.

Speaker – 35:11
Yeah, this is it. Yeah, we’re talking to people other than. Yeah you don’t you’re by yourself right? Yeah, yeah,

Speaker – 35:17
yeah, but it’s funny I got a few neighbors we look out for each other just one she just like so this past week I just been passed out right? Yeah, I haven’t been feeling well things like that but uh she was texting me say Yo, dude, I’m doing a lot of baking, you know? Do you want some kind of thing? You know, you want me to bring it like that there and I’m just about to respond to it say Oh, thank you very much.

Speaker – 35:45
Did she actually did? Did she bring you some bread or something?

Speaker – 35:49
I think she No, she I think she has that. Um, I don’t know. But you know, the point is she’s looking out,

Speaker – 35:56
you know? Yeah, making sure you’re not dead. Exactly. Like

Speaker – 35:59
you Even I don’t buy Okay, after that speech from Trudeau, look out for your fellow neighbors like a nice one from the grocery store.

Speaker – 36:07
Is that what he said? I haven’t been listening to any Trudeau speeches.

Speaker – 36:10
I don’t know. It’s just the first one, right? Yeah, we as Canadians, we stick together and so I will lie, man. I, this is this is like, I’m feeling like, what Trump supporter feel about. about Trump. You know, I mean, when when when Judo talks, I’m like, Yeah, all right. Come on. All right. He’s trying though. He’s, he’s like,

Speaker – 36:30
yeah, I mean, good as it gets. I mean, it’s like 911 one bush I get how

Speaker – 36:35

Speaker – 36:36
behind him and like, just like cuz you’re looking for some sort of leadership, some

Speaker – 36:41
shorter leadership. Like,

Speaker – 36:43
what we’re in is crazy man. Yo, crazy.

Speaker – 36:46
His wife, his wife, cut that shit, man. Oh,

Speaker – 36:48
and gave it to SSL ba.

Speaker – 36:52
You didn’t know that.

Speaker – 36:53
I heard much. They want to I didn’t want to remember. He’s my He’s my He’s my george bush during 911 right now. Know what you love about our Prime Minister? He’s like the last person I hug was.

Speaker – 37:05
Yeah. Damn Trudeau

Speaker – 37:08

Speaker – 37:12
Jenna Trudeau Trudeau is like Marlo Stansfield? He’s given me you don’t give a fuck about stringer.

Speaker – 37:19
He doesn’t get on with it. motherfuckers Yeah,

Speaker – 37:21
not Marlo. Marlo right Martin.

Speaker – 37:24
Yeah. Get on with it motherfucker. To put on the on the crown. Yeah, but ya

Speaker – 37:32
know? Yeah. So looking out for your neighbors that everyone’s parked. Oh, you know it’s making a lot of money again. Oh, whoops. I shouldn’t say that. I will say drug dealers.

Speaker – 37:46
Yeah, yeah, we already said that though. Pot sellers. Yeah, yeah, pot dealer. I don’t think I don’t think that the official government ones are making money. Yeah. I think they’re having a but they they were having Trouble without the virus.

Speaker – 38:01

Speaker – 38:02
they were popular Fine. Fine deals are immune.

Speaker – 38:08
Yeah, so yeah, we kind of went off track but like the we were talking about low income being affected plus affecting the economy. Yes. So much Shen. I find it funny that that story of what was yet this story of, of your your, your co workers like like so cluelessly white

Speaker – 38:33
people but

Speaker – 38:34
yeah, it’s like it’s like what we talked about last week’s episode about how to Canadian like there’s two different versions of Canadians and why people don’t like us like, they have no idea that there’s this other Yeah.

Speaker – 38:45
Yeah, no, I remember

Speaker – 38:47
realizing that part of being white. is being oblivious of everyone else. Yeah, of the lifestyle of everyone

Speaker – 38:54
else in it was good. Like, I have a little Coronavirus story too. I am I went to buy a soda replace my SodaStream canister. I’m Canadian Tire and it was $25 and I had a 20 and a five. I gave the woman 20 didn’t check it and gave her five and she checked it which is fine whatever checking check that she checked my money says Oh, a woman to your hammer all over and then she put in the till and the register and then she’s getting my change. I have my hand out for a change. And she looked at me for a moment and then grabbed the $5 bill out again and started checking it again.

Speaker – 39:29
Oh, wow.

Speaker – 39:36
It’s like and then I’m like, she puts she puts the money gives my receipts in my chain. She’s like, I’m like, Where’s my Canadian Tire money? That my Canadian Tire money so she’s like, and she’s Oh, I forgot because that weird five I’m like the five wasn’t weird mother

Speaker – 39:50
was Oh, fuck this Li Yo, that’s what you get for fitness description. No offense.

Speaker – 39:57
Yeah, but like she you’re like she’s like in her 60s. He’s like fingerbang my $5 bill Do you realize what’s going on out there? Why are you feeling that money that’s the biggest of your concern Really? Yeah and Canadian Tire is gonna be fine

Speaker – 40:12
try to figure out whether the pay you simply written down your fucking with me. Hey,

Speaker – 40:16
nothing better than Oh, like an old lady to like run their fucking stores for them. I love it. Yeah, you stick a whole lady in middle management or some fucking cashier job. They will die for that company. Oh boy. I

Speaker – 40:32
have an image of her at the staff meeting. They’re talking about Coronavirus and so you know everyone has one go for sure. Hey, I protected the company of fraud

Speaker – 40:42
you know me?

Speaker – 40:45
fraud busted, bitch. I don’t know.

Speaker – 40:49
Busted fraud at the cash like, like seriously, but like what if I was like a crazy violent person like Never mind Coronavirus, so there’s just like, this is a fraud and I punch you in the face and just rock Have you put yourself in for a $5? Bill? You’re like, oh, maybe, you know, this is I think about old ladies This is old ladies get to a point where they believe things can’t happen to them. Oh old men, and I see this every day old men also get used to getting their way if you ever watch old men, I noticed old men especially all white men tend to roll stop their their stop sign they don’t really stop but even if you’re there first, they will drive through a stop sign. It’s always old white men that do this shit. Interesting old ladies and I realized this after watching extreme home makeover. You watch a show? No, it’s the one where they like they take someone’s family and they read the whole neighborhood read like remodel their house.

Speaker – 41:49
Oh, boom guys did a parody of that shit. Yeah,

Speaker – 41:51
it’s like move the bus and they move the bus. So there’s this video on YouTube. And it says black family and they they like move that bus coming See your house and everyone runs out because they got picked on I guess they got picked to do the extreme home makeover and they’re excited to me Ty Pennington when he used to host it and they’re all running out and everyone the kids run out the parents run out and then the old the grandmother comes running now older lady and she falls but like she faced plants like like right into the ground like just face first Instagram, but our hands don’t go up to block the fall. And that’s what I’m like best of all like that’s what all ladies do. They don’t realize shit can happen. Oh shit, like, you know, I mean, there’s a point in your life where you’re like, Oh, and if I step over a curb, I could break my hand. Yeah, point in your life where you like, shit ain’t happening. Just the people are gonna get Coronavirus yummy op, we’re like this is bullshit. This is

Speaker – 42:48
Oh yeah, this shit. Yeah. So Boomer, what do you mean the church’s clothes bullshit.

Speaker – 42:54
This is bullshit. I’m gonna fingerbang this five

Speaker – 42:59
and then Like bugging to rub my teeth like I did coke that’s that’s

Speaker – 43:06
like, like glue lis like Lady you’re the most susceptible to this virus Why are you feeling up that money you should have gloves on handling any money. She wants to go out

Speaker – 43:17
I think she

Speaker – 43:20
she expects the CEO of King tire to say something nice about her at a funeral and probably

Speaker – 43:30
they’re gonna supply the like, coffeemaker or something.

Speaker – 43:36
To get the horse to the,

Speaker – 43:38
you know, it got it has me thinking is what I meant when I said it’s a good thing we still have a shred of humanity left. Yeah, that that allowed us to shut down business. Well, then again, you know, losing your, your workers to, to a virus is bad for business.

Speaker – 43:54
Yeah, whatever, whatever, whatever we need to say right in here,

Speaker – 43:58
but it’s the people who are like, Yo, I love my employer more than I love my family. Devon motherfuckers you know his mother, like

Speaker – 44:07
bootlickers we call them bootlickers

Speaker – 44:09
That’s what I’m saying. Like, yeah, they wanna they they’re the one the first argue about not raising minimum wage. Yeah,

Speaker – 44:19
yeah, yeah, that’s if the thing I don’t understand is poor people who are right wing, like, like I look at when they we just had the election when Doug Ford one I used to pass this shitty apartment complex near near my house and it was like, there was a conservative sign in the window. I’m like, you just like racism. That’s it.

Speaker – 44:36

Speaker – 44:37
that’s all you like is racism. That’s all you like. Because there’s no fucking way there’s any policy that is helping you out and good luck in apartment.

Speaker – 44:45
I got a reference to the boondocks again. Shout Aaron Gregor gruder

Speaker – 44:51
that scene about

Speaker – 44:54
this is fat dude security guard. He’s on the phone with rush limbaugh radio show Yeah Obama was trying to raise taxes on the rich you know on businesses like I don’t have a business now but when I do that’s just gonna affect

Speaker – 45:09
voting for future me I

Speaker – 45:15
I making past me suffer because it’s an investment in

Speaker – 45:18
my yo that’s what I get. Yeah, these folks that convinced man I think it’s all that but they Robin’s

Speaker – 45:25
late that’s the thing right because I also understand people who have to work because I mean you gotta pay bills you live in check the check or whatever. Yeah, I understand that but, but the ones like you said they’re like to work.

Speaker – 45:42
I’m going to work at the hand holding factory.

Speaker – 45:49
I go to work at the spit my face back.

Speaker – 45:52
The blue khaki.

Speaker – 45:56
I’m doing I’m doing a two hour, two day shift.

Speaker – 46:01
Someone’s gonna, someone’s gonna come forward so it’s gonna be someone’s gotta be willing to drop on that sword.

Speaker – 46:07
Exactly. It’s those people you’re like, Hey, you know what, dude? It’s also like the people who are like, the young people are like, I’m feeling suited like because there’s people in Toronto or like, they celebrated St. Patrick’s Day and he looks like

Speaker – 46:21
mother like

Speaker – 46:23
I was just my wife and I were watching Italian mares yelling at their constituents Oh, like doing like online videos about like to stay at home stay at home right right right and some dudes like you’re not Will Smith. I don’t know why you’re out jogging.

Speaker – 46:38
Like you’re not Will Smith in that. What was that movie? where he’s like the last man on

Speaker – 46:42
earth? Oh, I Am Legend. Yeah, he’s like

Speaker – 46:46
I am

Speaker – 46:49
with your dog.

Speaker – 46:52
They’re mad because people are dying, right? People died yesterday in Italy.

Speaker – 46:56
Man dude, I’ve been unplugged from from ever anything good for you, man? You know, but ya know, but uh, my mom like yeah, I guess we should be towards the end and then listen to the radio people 100 people just died yesterday. Oh, well yeah,

Speaker – 47:10
you have this and like in and you’re doing it right like you’re doing Coronavirus, right. Like you just get up and wear the same guy damn clothes. sit in front of the guy damn TV don’t do shit.

Speaker – 47:23
I took a shower you

Speaker – 47:25
know what I mean? You don’t

Speaker – 47:27
have to correct you don’t have to just

Speaker – 47:31
bust to work exactly like humanity slide for because you’re gonna be in you’re gonna be in the ship soon enough, huh? No back in the ship soon enough.

Speaker – 47:40
I gotta I gotta set a shot but I wanna I wanna all my Asian because Okay, so I just googled for the fuck of it right because I had to do Corona, Corona virus and racism out firsthand. And the first thing that comes up is a lot of Asians are being attacked. Yeah. Being Like people are just throwing oh my god Krishna, you know, like just just acting like it’s World War Two. I mean

Speaker – 48:09
how are you supposed to like how is that supposed to solve it?

Speaker – 48:12
Well, Gavin Gavin I gotta say right. On behalf of all of us people in color you then the rest of us.

Speaker – 48:19
Sorry. Get some relief.

Speaker – 48:22
Everyone Ebola came out, man. You know, fuck.

Speaker – 48:27
Like I’m Haitian. It’s not illegal. We know what it is. It’s dumb people. It’s white people.

Speaker – 48:33
Like Hey, man, I’m not African. I’m patient. I’m responsible for AIDS. I’m

Speaker – 48:41
worried about AIDS for me, not a bola.

Speaker – 48:44
Know your diseases.

Speaker – 48:49
Part One of picking cotton from home. Hope you enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed recording it. Part two is available on our Patreon page. If you’re not a Patreon meme Patreon member Five bucks a month, we’ll change that. to want to be clear, that wasn’t a sales pitch. That was just more of a plea for some financial contribution. Like my preacher, dad would tell me every time I used to object to him collecting ties donations from his congregation, he’d say, Look, son, the gospel is free. But sharing it with these folks in this warm building isn’t. So Patreon users check out part two and everyone else have a great week.

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