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S1 - Episode 00

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Sherley and Clove discuss:

• The word: im·pu·dent [ ˈimpyəd(ə)nt ]

• Canadian man charged after landing helicopter at Dairy Queen.

• Marjorie Taylor Greene was banned from Twitter again. 

• Nick Cannon said ‘’ is a ‘’ that he doesn’t ‘subscribe to’.

• Non-Rich people are sharing clever ways to save money.

• What is clever way to save money, that most people don’t realize?

• The prophecy comes true. The Players: Saul, Saul’s armor bearer, and a shit ton of Philistine soldiers in the – the last Chapter, number 31. 


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“Reconciliation is realized when two people come together and understand that what they share unites them and that what is different about them needs to be respected.”

— Wabanakwut Kinew MLA, better known as Wab Kinew, and is the Leader of the Manitoba New Democratic Party. Tweet

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